Hope Coconut Industries Limited

Hope Coconut Industries was registered on 22nd May, 1982 as a private company under the Companies Act Chapter 89:01the Laws of Guyana. We are the largest coconut estate in Guyana and the Caribbean.

The Board of Directors consists of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and seven other Directors. The Registered Office is situated at Plantation Hope, East Coast, Demerara, GUYANA. The current Chairman is Dr Iamei Aowmathi.

About Us

The objects for which the company is established are as follows:

  1. To develop the resources of and turn to account the lands, buildings and rights in such manner as the company may think fit, and in particular by claering, draining, fencing, planting, improving, farming, grazing and by promoting and establishing villages, settlements and in industrial and commercial activities.
  2. To carry on at Plantation Hope cum annexis or elsewgere the business of planters, growers, and cultivators of coconuts, legumes, vegetables, ground provisions and other produce of the soil, and to treat, process, prepare, render marketable, buy, sell and dispose of any of such products either in their raw or manufactured state and any product or by-product derived therefrom.
  3. To carry on the business of farming in all its branches.
  4. To carry on the business of dairymen and the manufacture and sale by wholesale or retail of cheese, butter, condensed milk and every form, grade or quality of milk.
  5. To carry on the business of arable and fruit farmers, millers and manufacturers of cereal products and the sale by wholesale or retail of flour, fruit and all cereal or farm products.
  6. To carry on the business of livestock breeders of every variety of animal whether bred as pedigree stock or for the purpose of its sale as meat, poultry, hides or fur.
  7. To carry on the business of poultry farmers including the erection or purchase of broiler houses and the sale by wholesale or retail of live and dead poultry and eggs.
  8. To construct slaughter houses, cold storage premises, warehouses, sheds and all other premises necessary or expedient for the above purposes and to purchase or rent any interest in land for such purposes.
  9. To deal in hides, fat, offal and all other by-products of the above business and to carry on the business of tanning and fellmongering.
  10. To acquire, take over, promote, establish, and carry on all or any of the business of seed crushers and manufacturers of coconut, linseed cotton and other cakes, oil extractors by crushing, chemical or other processes, cake and oil manufacturers, oil refiners, soap boilers, manufacturers of floor clothers and coverings of every description, makers and manufacturers of cattle food and feeding and fattening preparations of every description, makes and manufacturers of artificial manures and fertilizers of every description, meal manufacturers, grain and seed merchants, flax and cotton merchants, oil merchants, cake and corn merchants, millers, flour merchants, bakers, biscuit makers, hay straw and fodder merchants, nurserymen, shipowners, lightermen, carriers by sea and land, dock owners, wharfingers, warehousemen, manufacturing chemists and druggists, varnish makers, and stearin and saccharine manufacturers.
  11. To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in ropes, hemp, fibre, cork, wire, and all other materials and things used for or in the manufacture of rope by patent or other processes, and all or any articles and things from time to time usually made or sold as associated with or auxillary to the business of such manufacturers and dealers as aforesaid, or for which the machinery, plantand staff of the company as such manufacturers and dealers as aforesaid may be convenieently used.

Kind regards

Dr Iamei Aowmathi- Chairman